Dentistry for Children

Our goal is to teach children about their health and develop their knowledge to make healthy age-appropriate choices. We aim to keep a relaxed environment focused on fun and learning.  We have many exciting ways to promote a good relationship with our youngest patients.

Preparing your young child for their visit at Dexter Dental Studio

Our studio is a full-service family dental office where we enjoy providing a child-friendly environment and helping kids develop positive feelings about dental health.

You can also help prepare your young child for their visit by:

  • Reading books or watching videos made for kids about visiting the dentist
  • Telling them they will be able to select a new toothbrush at the end of their dental visit
  • Planning a fun activity following your child’s dental visit

Proven Expertise with Children and Adolescents

Our dental providers are specially trained to work with children ranging from infancy to adolescence. To help your child have a positive experience, we use the most current dental techniques and equipment designed for children.
We have an established reputation as a clinic that can provide complete dental care for children who are physically, mentally, or medically challenged.

Special Offerings for Children

Hands-on Health Lab:

The Health Lab at Dexter Dental Studio helps children develop. healthy habits that lead to a lifetime of excellent oral health and overall wellbeing. Our lab includes age-appropriate and hands-on activities and experiments. These help create a comfortable environment while teaching children important lessons that leave a lasting impression on children and parents alike. Our ultimate goal is to prevent cavities through education of both the parent and the child.

Uuno the Bravery Assistant

uuno bravery assistantOne of the best-kept secrets about our practice is that Uuno, the therapy dog can provide comfort to your child (and adults) during their visit.  (Visit Uuno on Facebook.)

Infant Oral Exams

The American Academy of Dentistry recommends all infants be evaluated by a dental professional within 6 months of the eruption of the first tooth. In our office, we are excited to see our littlest patients and help their parents understand the nuances of caring for an infant’s mouth. There is a lot to discuss from nutrition to development to fluoride, and we are happy to help caregivers navigate this exciting time.

Products designed specifically for children

These are a few of the natural products that help us keep little mouths healthy.

  • BPA-free filling material
  • Loloz ™ cavity prevention suckers
  • Silver Diamine for non-invasive care of cavities
  • Oral Probiotics to help promote a good microbiome in the mouth

Careful Evaluation of Tongue Tie, Malocclusion, and Sleep Disturbances


We follow precautions for COVID-19 to keep everyone safe.  


Payment Options

We provide a variety of individualized health packages to meet your budget and needs.


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