Patient Testimonials

“Highly recommend for anyone with previous stressful dental experiences. As a patient of Dr. Bowers, I must say I am so impressed by everyone on her team including her hygienists and the very friendly front office team. They really make an effort to help you feel comfortable, including being responsive to financial needs, listening to any concerns about dental stress, and the calm, kind, and non-judgmental manner in which they discuss any modifications needed to improve your dental health. The highest praise I can give is that they make me want to come back.”

Christina J.

“AMAZING!!!!! Do not hesitate to make an appointment here! You won’t regret it. I have been a patient here for just over a year and feel like I know everyone. I only wish I would have come here sooner. They are like family. So nice, knowledgeable, fast, courteous, pain free……and I’m talking about everyone! They do a wonderful job. You can go in for a crown and within 2 pain-free hours (with a break in between) you can walk out with your permanent crown!!!! Amazing!!! Even Uuno the bravery assistant wonder dog is fantastic. :-)”

Sharon H.

“Dr Cornish and Dr Bowers are knowledgeable and professional while also being very gentle and comforting. Their office is equipped with up-to-date technology and the staff is confident in using this technology and explaining its uses to the patient. Dental care is performed quickly and efficiently to minimize the patient’s discomfort. The support staff and billing staff are extremely thorough. The office decor is welcoming with many sunny windows. I’ve been a patient here for perhaps 20 years and I can’t imagine ever wanting to go to a different dental practice.”

Chris S.

“I love Dexter Dental! Everyone there is very kind, competent and relatable! You completely get the feel of being in a small business that cares about you personally, while your teeth cleaning and care remains professional! I have even had a cavity or two filled here, with very little pain or discomfort. I strongly recommend the experience at Dexter Dental Studio, especially for those who hate going to the dentist! I consider many of them to be friends after the last several years. I hope I never have to go anywhere else!”

Angelica W.

“Everyone is super nice, and have turned a super scaredy-cat like me into someone who really values a healthy mouth! They take a holistic approach to dental health and have a very upbeat, positive attitude about dental care. They’re incredibly respectful of mine and my daughter’s comfort level – neither one of us has ever been allowed to experience a moment of actual pain. They really are superstars!”

Tracy S.

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